The Servant Leadership Certificate at UW Madison is one of the few programs of its kind, helping leaders and aspiring leaders understand a unique style of stewarding resources.

Is this program right for you?

The Servant Leadership Certificate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is designed for those who aspire to lead by serving others. It encourages you to take a responsible approach to your work in business, health care, human services, nonprofits, religious groups, and other organizations.


The program is offered on 5 Fridays in daylong sessions. You can take the 5 modules in sequence over about 3 months, or else take individual modules as time allows.


Learning occurs in a supportive, retreat-like environment featuring presenters, small-group discussions, and self-assessments. The instructors are experienced servant leaders who draw on UW-Madison’s expertise in helping working professionals enhance their careers.


The 5 modules will broaden your understanding what is possible in terms of leadership. They include Servant Leadership Fundamentals, Artful Leadership through Self-Knowledge, Building Community and Developing Others, Stewardship of Organizational Resources, and Servant Leadership Project: Recognition and Reflection.


After completing the Servant Leadership Certificate, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to serve others and meet the responsibilities of leadership.


What you Learn

  • Identify the foundations of servant leadership
  • Describe the philosophy of servant leadership
  • Develop self-awareness of individual preferences and styles
  • Explore models of individual servant leaders
  • Learn a variety of practices for building community and practicing stewardship
  • Recognize and reflect on servant leadership practice and projects

Where & How you learn


  • Face-to-face in a retreat-like setting


  • Take 5 daylong modules over the course of about 3 months for a special registration rate for the series, or take individual modules over a longer period of time depending on your schedule

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  • There are no prerequisites for the Servant Leadership Certificate

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