Move up in your career by building the knowledge and skills employers seek in laser welding professionals with a University of Wisconsin-Madison Laser Welding Certificate. Choose from 3 options based on years of experience and education and gain a sought-after professional credential.

Is this program right for you?

The Laser Welding Certificate program from UW-Madison’s Department of Engineering Professional Development is the only one of its kind in the world. The unique certification requires that participants take 2 courses, pass an exam, and give a presentation before peers to earn the credential. The certificate begins with 2 practical courses focused on problem solving: Laser Welding: Mastering the Technology and Troubleshooting Laser Welds. The courses can be completed in 5 days and are offered in Madison, Wisconsin, and Las Vegas, Nevada. The small class sizes make them ideal for hands-on learning and collaboration.


Upon completion of the courses, you’ll take the Laser Welding Certificate exam and give a 15-20-minute presentation to your peers at the Annual Symposium in Madison. The presentations are typically about improvements made in laser welding processes as a result of the courses.


As part of the program, you can earn one of 3 certificates: Accredited Laser Welding Technical Specialist (LWTS), Accredited Associate Laser Welding Professional (ALWP), or Accredited Laser Welding Professional (LWP). If you are just entering the industry, the LWTS is a perfect way to get started; it doesn’t require any laser welding experience. The ALWP requires five years of experience or three years of experience with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or physical science. The LWP requires 10 years of laser welding experience or five years of experience with a bachelor’s in engineering or physical science.


With a Laser Welding Certificate, you can take your practical knowledge and skills back to your job to improve operations. Grow in your career with this one-of-a-kind certificate that will continue to be professionally valuable in the years to come.


What you Learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of today’s industrial laser welding and how to troubleshoot and overcome laser weld defects
  • Learn the latest tools and techniques involved in today’s successful, high quality laser welding processes

Where & How you learn


  • Face-to-face courses offered in Madison, Wisconsin, or Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Exam and Symposium are located in Madison, Wisconsin


  • Take 2 face-to-face courses in Madison or Las Vegas
  • Score at least 80% on the Laser Welding Certificate exam
  • Deliver a presentation at the Annual Symposium

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