Develop the knowledge and skills you need to improve mental health care outcomes for older adult client/patients with the Geriatric Mental Health Care Management Certificate at UW-Madison, the only one of its kind in the nation.

Is this program right for you?

If you are a community-based care manager or health and human services professional seeking to enhance your skills and knowledge in the assessment and treatment of mental illness in older adults, this program will provide you with the tools you need to achieve positive outcomes in clients or patients with mental health issues. Social workers and registered nurses who work with older adults will gain the skills and knowledge they need to become care managers.


It can be challenging to assess and identify mental illness in older adults, yet it is an important part of overall health care management. The UW-Madison’s Geriatric Mental Health Care Management Certificate will help you develop an understanding of geriatric mental health care management including the unique screening needs of older adults, client/patient education, evidence-based care and treatment, care monitoring, and ethics while applying a strengths-based approach to care management. You will learn how to screen for mental health illness, how to communicate effectively with older adults and how to manage care based on assessment scores. You will gain the skills you need to monitor mental health status and changes, access support services and develop treatment plans.


The Geriatric Mental Health Care Certificate will help you understand and manage the added dynamic of mental illness so that you can achieve better mental health status outcomes for your client/patient.


What you Learn

  • Explain the basic tenets of care management
  • Increase geriatric mental health literacy
  • Create a plan to work more effectively as a care manager
  • Utilize evidence-based screening tools for late-life mental disorders
  • Contrast the concept and practice of a strengths-based approach to geriatric care management

Where & How you learn


  • Face-to-face


  • Attend 6 one-day in-person seminars in Madison, WI

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