The Divorce and Family Mediation Training program at UW-Madison provides comprehensive training in mediating divorce and family-related cases. Attorneys, health and human service professionals, and educators will gain the knowledge and skills they need to help their clients or parties approach conflicts successfully.

Is this program right for you?

Through the UW-Madison’s Divorce and Family Mediation Training Program, lawyers, health and human services professionals, clergy, therapists, educators and other professionals can expand their knowledge and skills to become a trained mediator. If you are seeking a new approach to help clients, families or other parties resolve conflicts in a more effective and satisfying manner, the Divorce and Family Mediation Program is right for you. Mediation training will enhance your skill set in communication and conflict resolution and expand your professional career opportunities.


As court systems are faced with shrinking resources and increasing case complexities, the need for mediators to help individuals, families and other parties resolve conflicts in a more successful and time and cost-efficient manner continues to grow. Our program offers in-depth training in a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, role-playing, coaching and personal feedback, you will gain the skills you need to become a trained mediator.


As a trained mediator, you will be able to guide your clients or parties toward consensual agreements and resolutions that are less costly, both financially and emotionally. This comprehensive course will cover mediation principles and process as well as issues related to divorce and separation, parenting and custody placement, domestic violence screening, and financial issues in divorce. Participants from a wide range of professions will benefit from shared experiences and quality instruction that includes a high level of expertise and experience as well as extensive training materials and resources.


The 40-hour course meets or exceeds the national mediation training standard and the 25-hour training required by Wisconsin Chapter 767.


What you Learn

  • Understand mediation principles and process
  • Facilitate a mediation
  • Develop empathic and active listening skills
  • Write a mediation agreement
  • Understand the court process
  • Identify parenting and financial issues in divorce
  • Screen for domestic violence
  • Build or expand a mediation practice

Where & How you learn


  • Face-to-face


  • Attend two 3-day sessions in Madison, WI

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