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Farm & Industry Short Course

The Farm & Industry Short Course (FISC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides practical, applied education for people who want a successful career in farming or agribusiness.

What it is: A 16-week in-person program on the UW–Madison campus in Foundations of Agricultural Business Management, plus an option to complete an additional 16-week second-year specialty certificate in a wide range of agricultural enterprises. During the program, you will also have multiple opportunities for additional out-of-class trainings, tours, special presentations, and other events designed to meet your needs.

Who it’s for: Anyone interested in operating or managing a farm, running an agricultural business, or working in the agribusiness sector.

What you’ll learn: In the Foundations of Agricultural Business Management certificate, you cover topics such as business communications and principles, soil science, weather and climate, agricultural human resources, and agricultural safety. If you continue for a second-year certificate, you will master one of six topic areas: management of crops and soils; dairy farm management; diversified agricultural operations; farm and equipment management; meat animal farm management; or turfgrass management, coming soon.

Course areas

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Agronomy
  • Entomology
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biological Systems Engineering
  • Integrated Agricultural Systems
  • Community and Environmental Sociology
  • Dairy Sciences
  • Food Science
  • Horticulture
  • Life Sciences Communication
  • Soil Science
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How you’ll change

A Farm & Industry Short Course certificate combines technology, expert instruction, real-world experiences, and individual attention—so you are ready for any agricultural career that inspires you. You’ll also be developing a strong social network of agriculturalists, which spans the long history of the program and multiple continents!

Is an undergraduate degree in your future?

These credits will easily transfer to most four-year institutions.

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