You can make real change in the health of a community with a Certificate in Leadership for Population Health Improvement from
UW-Madison. Work completely online and complete your certificate in 2 years.

Is this Program Right for You?

The Affordable Care Act brought a stronger focus on population health outcomes in clinics, hospitals, service areas, and communities. The Certificate in Leadership for Population Health Improvement from UW-Madison’s Department of Population Health Sciences gives you valuable credentials while emphasizing the leadership skills you need to communicate, collaborate, and negotiate on behalf of the populations you represent.


Our program is perfect for anyone who assists with health care for groups of people, whether you are a school teacher or school nurse, community organizer, social worker, or in a clinical or hospital setting. Experts expect a nearly 40% increase in demand for public health professionals in the next decade, along with significant increases in salary.


You will work completely online and earn your Leadership in Population Health Improvement Capstone Certificate over a 2 year period. As your schedule allows, listen to recorded lectures by renowned faculty from UW-Madison, and then participate in live online discussions to share and learn from other students. Your certificate credits may also count toward a master’s degree, should you wish to pursue one in the future.


While other schools offer online learning, we offer courses that uniquely focus on developing your leadership skills—so that you can guide decisions that impact health in your community, hospital, or clinic. We help you understand how to identify evidence, determine outcomes, look at trends over time, and use a systems approach to create solutions for health problems. You will better understand issues in the community, the way people think, the influence of politics, and the resources available. Your knowledge will help you determine what changes will improve people’s health.


Our expert faculty provide insight based on years of experience in population health, and bring actual issues from community settings into our classrooms so you experience the most current issues facing population health experts—and find the solutions that will work for the people under your care.


What You Learn

  • Identify opportunities to make effective policy and system changes
  • Show strong leadership, communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills
  • Apply concepts to improve the health of human populations

Where & How You Learn


  • Online


  • Listen to recorded lectures on your schedule
  • Participate in live online presentations and discussion boards

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