Actuarial decision-making

Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science helps math lover launch rewarding career

“I came into the program struggling to stand out in my actuarial job search. I left with a solid job lined up and a ton of preparation for future actuarial exams,” says recent graduate Cole Sebald.

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red map marker

Online MS in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems helps GIS professional map his future

UW-Madison offers two online certificates and one online master’s in GIS.

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Salary going up

How to determine and boost your value on the job market

By gaining expertise in a new and challenging area, you’re likely to increase your worth.

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Matthew Brieger, MS in Biotechnology graduate

Developing a managerial mindset with the M.S. in Biotechnology Program

The Master of Science in Biotechnology Program is geared toward working scientists, business people, attorneys, and other professionals with busy schedules.

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JoAnn Brink, BSN@Home graduate

BSN@Home helps 55-year-old student earn her nursing degree

“I love to learn, and I felt the four-year degree would make me a more well-rounded person,” says recent graduate JoAnn Brink.

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Wisconsin flag flying in sky with puffy clouds

UW–Madison online graduate engineering programs ranked in top 10 by U.S. News & World Report

Programs combine the structure of semester schedules with work-friendly flexibility

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Digital portfolio

Building an online portfolio that’s right for you

If you’re applying for jobs in publishing, public relations, web design, or another creative field, be prepared to share an online portfolio.

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Remote medicine

Human Factors and Health Systems Engineering program helps professional chase her goals in the tech industry

A specialized path to an industrial engineering master’s degree, the Human Factors and Health Systems Engineering program prepares professionals to drive innovation in health care and beyond.

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doctor of occupational therapy program

Flexible Doctor of Occupational Therapy program the latest innovation in a 75-year tradition

The OTD program is designed to train occupational therapists to become visionary leaders.

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